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5 online business ideas with little investment

If you love new technologies, access to the network, and working from home, then pay attention to these online businesses that you can start with little investment. You will surely find one that perfectly matches your interests and1 abilities.

1. Your Own Personal Blog

Without a doubt, creating a professional blog is one of the main businesses with a future and little investment. And to start, all you will need is a computer. A web page where you can publish the content you generate, and an internet connection. Of course, you will also need to spend time and work hard on this project.

The main investment you must make to create your personal blog is to buy the hosting and the web domain. From here, you also have the option of acquiring a particular web design or starting with something simple.

For this business to be profitable, it is essential that you can generate good quality content that provides solutions to the problems and concerns of your audience. Therefore, it is essential that you clearly define your niche. For example, there are blogs intended to inform about a topic, while others seek to instruct, sell, offer products or services, etc.

There are many ways in which you can generate amazing profits with a blog, and that is why this has become one of the online businesses of the future. You can earn money with advertising, with referrals, selling your own courses or guides, etc.

2. Professional Advice Or Service

business ideas and advice

Having the opportunity to work online has grown in popularity in recent years. And is expected to continue to do so. This has generated an increase in the demand of companies and people who request some professional advice or service through the web, which makes this type of remote work one of the most popular businesses with a future and little investment today.

Are you an expert in a particular area? Then start offering your services or professional advice. There are many ways to do this, and the initial investment you make depends on which alternative you choose.

An excellent way to start with this profitable, low-investment business idea is to create a professional website, intended solely to provide advice and offer your services. In this case, you will also have to invest in hosting, domain, and web design.

However, there are people who make use of other platforms, such as Freelancer, Fiverr, or Workana to start this type of venture. In these cases, the initial investment is practically nil.

3. Application Development

Virtually anyone in the world has a smartphone, so many applications are developed every day that seek to improve the user experience. Provide solutions and guarantee a better quality of life. Without a doubt, this is another online business with a future and little investment that may surely interest you.

There are apps for practically anything from organizers, to games, to chats, to news, etc. Practically the investment that you must make is to hire a programmer to help you translate your ideas. Therefore, if you know how to handle programming, you may not have to invest anything in this online business.

The best part of all is that developing and selling applications allows you to generate passive income. That is, once you have the application ready, you will not have to continue working on it (except to make some eventual updates) and you will receive money for each sale made.

4. Management Of Social Networks

Just as practically everyone has a smartphone, it is an undeniable fact that social networks are part of our daily lives. We all have a social network, be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, etc. They allow us to stay informed and interact with friends, family, acquaintances, and even companies or businesses that interest us.

For this reason, the management of social networks is a business with a future and little investment. To start practicing what you need is to invest to acquire the necessary knowledge in the area. You can even create your own company with the help of other professionals and thus provide marketing, design, etc. services.

5. Dropshipping

This form of business is perhaps one of the most popular today, among those who seek the opportunity to work online. It consists of having your own virtual store without having to have a stock of products. For this reason, dropshipping is undoubtedly one of the most attractive businesses with a future and little investment that exist.

Here, you must use wholesale companies that are responsible for producing the products and dispatching them directly to buyers. In other words, your online business would consist of being an intermediary between the buyer and said company, where you will receive commissions for each sale made.

The investment that you will have to make to start a dropshipping business will be to create a virtual store. Through which people can make their purchases. The good side is that you save expenses such as acquiring a stock of products, making inventories, and sending the product to the customer.

However, at this point, it is important to highlight that positioning your online store and gaining the trust of wholesale companies is not something that is achieved overnight. Although this is one of the best businesses with a future and little investment, you must be constant, patient, and persistent, always trying to provide a professional and high-quality service.

Some of the web pages where you can contact wholesale companies to start your online business are SaleHoo and Shopify. So, if this interests you, get down to work.

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Business Ideas for Novice Entrepreneurs

In this post, I want to discuss business ideas for entrepreneurs who are just starting their first business. It is important as a first-time entrepreneur, choose the best business idea. I am going to explain the businesses that as entrepreneurs have the best chance of success. And which ones as a first business you have to avoid.

Here are some tips that can help you when starting out for the first time:


business ideas for newbie

The best entrepreneurial business idea that I recommend is franchising. These are business models that have already succeeded, and somehow, they found the recipe for success. With a franchise, you can increase your probability of success by up to 80%, as opposed to starting a business without experience. You can go to franchise shows to get an idea of ​​how they work and the prices.

Well located businesses

In our thoughts for entrepreneurs, we have to consider having an excellent location. For example, in the last post on business ideas for Mexico, I commented that a bad business idea is to set up a grocery store or little store. However, well located, it can be a successful business. Preferably, it has

to be next to (or less than 50 meters) from a neighborhood, residential, or subdivision. So, as a beginning entrepreneur, think carefully about your business location.

Internet business

Starting an online business means putting up a website. Generating income by selling a tangible or intangible product (such as an ebook) or by advertising. This business idea for entrepreneurs is recommended for the following reasons:

1) the investment costs are very low. Just by investing in a hosting service to store your information on the internet and buying a domain, in total per year, it can cost up to $ 60 dollars

2) learn how to sell, and how to serve customers, either by mail, phone, or chat, and

3) learn the characteristics of the entrepreneur such as being persistent, not giving up, getting up to problems, etc.

Business in which you already have experience

There are many people who have worked in a company for years, and now that they are retiring, they need to generate new sources of income. Therefore, in entrepreneurial business ideas, we must consider that all that experience is invaluable to start a company. For example, a person who worked his entire working career as a sales agent has these strengths: he has contacts, social relationships, knows the industry, knows who the suppliers are, knows how to negotiate, etc. Also don’t think you need to retire to do so. With 3-5 years of experience, you will have enough skills to understand how that line of business works and open your business.

Business with partners

Starting a business is only difficult, due to the number of tasks to be carried out, the time, and the motivation to keep going. Business ideas for entrepreneurs are to get a partner. It can be a friend, relative, or acquaintance who is interested in starting a business and/or who has the necessary experience to implement it. Before working with a partner, limit each other’s roles, responsibilities, and investment. Have a clear definition of what you are going to contribute to the company, and how you are going to work as a team.

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How to choose a social network for your business?

That your business has a presence on social networks is essential if you want your business to grow. For this reason, in this article, we will show you how to choose the social network for your business and which ones are currently the most popular.

How to choose a social network for your business?

Far from what many think, publicizing an enterprise through social networks is not a matter of having an account in all the possible networks that exist. It requires you to study the options available to know exactly which direction to go.

With regards to your customers, which social network are the most active in? The answer to this question will tell you in which part, or social network, your business should have more presence. Perhaps your clients have accounts in several of them. This should not confuse you; your job will be to discover which one they use the most.

The aforementioned is perhaps the most important factor that you should consider when promoting your entrepreneurship through these means. The reason is that once you identify which social network it is easier for you to find customers, it will be easier for you to focus on the right advertising.

Before continuing with the social networks most used today by entrepreneurs, you must remember that the key to being successful in these media is perseverance. Only by being constant will you be able to enjoy the sweet taste of gradually attracting customers. Just trying a few times is not enough. Refresh your advertising every so often and adapt.

Which social media platform is best for my business?

The business world is vast and this means that each area can have a more or less wide and varied audience, depending on the case. When you start promoting yourself online, you must know the tools you will eventually use to achieve your goals. The point is that each social network has its catchment area: to put it more simply, a certain type of people populates each social platform. This is why you need to know exactly where your current and potential customers are.

Likewise, you need to know the specific characteristics of each platform. For example, LinkedIn helps you to create a qualified network of contacts. It is very useful for freelancers and for those who work in b2b. Twitter attracts numerous users, exploits the network’s speed, and is very suitable for public relations. Instagram is a purely visual social network, easy to use, but treacherous: it can make you lose sight of the goal if taken lightly.

The most popular social networks for entrepreneurs

There are many social networks through which entrepreneurs make themselves known. Next, we will talk a little about the most important ones:

Instagram is a social network that is establishing itself as one of the most used tools by modern entrepreneurs. It is characterized by promoting articles or products through images.

Facebook, perhaps the most popular of all. Through this social network, you can quickly increase the number of clients you currently have. This is possible since a high percentage of the world’s population has their own Facebook account, so you should have it as one of the main ones.

Google+ has great support; some statistics point to more than 500 million users. By publishing your service or product through this social network, you are more likely to find future customers; since your content will appear when entering keywords related to it.

These three social networks are currently the most popular, both by entrepreneurs and potential clients. Prepare an appropriate advertising campaign for each one respectively, and you will achieve your goals in no time. People will see that you are professional and hardworking and that will add points in your favor.

Remember that social networks are an important link in digital marketing. You will not get the results you get with these tools in any other way. Take advantage of them in the best way.

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Easy Guideline to Measure Bicycle Frame Size

Today, I’m going to take you through how to measure up a bike frame and it’s a simple process and really simple and quick process.

Here in this article, it might sound as if I’m stating the obvious, but that is on purpose. I want to make sure everyone is on exactly the same. So, to measure up a bike frame, we’re going to need three things.

Basic Thing to Know

Ideally, this is going to help us better compare to other bikes of the same size to let ourselves know what we’re getting ourselves into.

So, three things we’re going to look at today, our head tube length, our top tube length, and our seat tube length and you need to measure perfectly.

These all things really couldn’t be easier. So, you need to start off and we’ve got a bike like this with a nice horizontal top tube.

If you want to learn how to measure a bike it’s so important to know this matter perfectly.

Top Tube

It’s really very easy and It’s literally exactly, as it says on the top and we’re going to measure it and it should these check from one end to the other to see what size they are.

So, starting with the head, we measured from the very top to the very bottom that’s come out about 200 millimeters.

Next, we’re going to measure the main part of our top tube. Now the top tube is measured from the center point of the seat tube. To the center point of the head tube at the front.

So, let’s grab a tape measure and measure that so carefully to line it up, and then this bike is 580 minimum.

The last thing we’re going to look at is our seat tube Now this is going to tell us how much room we have to stand over the bike and how high our saddle might be in comparison to our bottom bracket.

So, to measure this, we measure from the center point of the top tube here on the seat chair, all the way down to the very center of our bottom bracket or the spindle that goes through your frame.

So, on this one, it’s kind of hard to see, but it’s smack bang in the middle here. So again, we’ll grab our tape measure, measure that.

After measuring it’s coming out at 570 millimeters. So, there we have it and we have three different measurements that tell us that this frame is a pretty big frame, but what happens if your top tube isn’t horizontal? You may also like to read Top 5 Mongoose mountain bike 2022.

Seat Tube

Well, I’m going to show you exactly what happens with another right and so I’ve got our other bike right here and I’ve set it up.

So, the wheels are in line with the floor seats effectively sitting on level ground and we can see that our top tube here is not horizontal to the floor.

We have a sloping top tube. So how can we measure this effectively in order to compare it to the other frame? Because with this slant, the tube is actually going to end up being a bit short.

Then we need to measure something called effective top tube and to find that we’re going to need another tool, one of these, a spirit level. Now with your spirit level and we can draw an imaginary horizontal top tube on our bike.

So, after doing this we’re going to start at the very top of the headship here and we are going to measure a horizontal line to the seat tube insects here, and that will be our new imaginary top tube measure.

So, let’s do that right now and then line it up with the center of the top tube, where it joins the head tube level this out.

There is we can see it level with just under the writing on the seat pasting and so this is going to be the mark of where our new effective top tube is.

So, with this information, we can now measure in exactly the same way as we just did the length of our head tube, which is still the same regardless.

Then we are going to measure the length of our effective top tube and the length of our effective seat tube. Hopefully, that’s really clear and you can see by measuring that it’s exactly the same as me.

That on the other bike over there. If you guys have any questions on how to measure bike size, I know I haven’t touched on reach and stack, but that’s kind of hard to measure.

There are some simple ways to do it, but this is a really easy way. Even if you’re in the shot, you can take your tape measure with you, start measuring a couple of different bikes and see how they might fit.

One other tip is all the different bikes you ride and any type of bikes, you like the feel of try and take down the road.


Eventually, you will sort of buildup in that, of what size you’re looking for and what you might like. Thanks for reading our article.

If you have any questions write down it below the comments section or you can visit OutdoorXsports for biking info.

Business Ideas For Women

In this post, we will see business ideas for women, focused both on housewives, women entrepreneurs, and single mothers.

These are the top small business ideas for women:

  1. Internet Business

One way to generate additional income at home is through an Internet business. There are several ways to make money online, among them are Adsense advertising revenue, selling tangible products in a shopping cart, creating viral videos, and selling affiliate products or advertising, etc. For more information read this article on how to do business online.

  1. Outsourcing

There are many large companies that, in order to lower their personnel costs, hire people on commission or through a third-party company. This is commonly called outsourcing. Among the main jobs offered for women or housewives, is telemarketing. For this, one has to look for an outsourcing company dedicated to telemarketing and apply for a job. Afterward, the person can work from home, in all kinds of departments of a specific company, both customer service and sales. It is quite easy since telemarketers always have a manual that they use to know what to say during the telephone conversation.

  1. Services

Another way to make money from home is to promote a specific service; Among the most requested are translations, web design, and school counseling. To implement this idea, in some questions if it is necessary to have some training. For example, in the case of these three previous examples, it is required to have experience in each field, and in the case of translations, to obtain a certificate to be valid the translations made. However, this is a home business that has more advantages than cons, mainly being able to work and receive clients at home, without needing an office or boss. You can read more about how to start a service business.

  1. Selling Chinese Products

Another innovative way to make money at home is to sell Chinese products. In this article on how to do business with Chinese products, we talk in detail about how to implement this business idea.

  1. Take Away Food

A very useful way to use all the resources available in the house is this take-out business. The idea is very simple: open a part of your house on weekends and offer takeaway food, for housewives like you, who do not want to cook on the weekend. This has two advantages: first that you only go to work on the weekend, so you have time the rest of the week to take care of your family, and the second is that your business is in high demand, given that there is a general behavior of not to eat on the weekend but to go out to a restaurant. You can read this article on how to start a food business.

  1. Personal Care

There are several modalities of the turn of personal care, I can apply from home. In this business idea for women, you can for example sell care products, such as creams and herbal remedies, or you can offer a service, such as dermatological treatment, facial massages, hand treatment, etc.

  1. Childcare

There are many single mothers who go out to work all day and have no one to take care of their children. This is a business opportunity since we can offer a babysitting service. For this, it is not necessary to obtain a license or an educational card.

  1. Clothing Broker

An item always of interest to women is clothing. One way to sell it is through groups of friends or contacts. In this big business, you can get her clothes or fashion accessories at the request of a client (initially a friend), and charge a fee to get them. That is, instead of risking your money buying inventory or setting up a physical store, you become an intermediary between the store and your customer. For more information read how to start a clothing business.

  1. Personal Classes

He has a special talent, for example, he knows how to make oil paintings, he knows a foreign language, he knows how to make dresses, one way to make extra money is by giving private lessons for one or five people. The key to this home business is finding loyal customers and giving them one to two hours of class. Little by little, they will recommend other clients to you, and thus you will be able to form an exclusive business.

  1. What Other Business Can You Think Of?

If you have any other business ideas for women, share them with 100 businesses below in the comments section. If you are reading us by mail, please enter the site and tell us what you think.

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3 Ways to Avoid Financial Disaster during the Coronavirus Emergency

The huge impact of Covid-19 on our economy will certainly have repercussions on an individual level.

While we are trying to understand what Central Banks and governments will do, in fact. It becomes extremely important to prepare on a personal financial level to be able to withstand it. The shock wave that the economic crisis will inevitably bring.

Let’s see together 3 practical tips to save yourself or prepare for the worst.

# 1 Focus your budget only on the necessary expenses

Saving and not spending all the salary money is already a good practice when things are going well and today. Even if our income has not dropped dramatically, it is even more so.

The lockdown is already making several non-essential expenses more difficult if not impossible. Considering that this situation could continue for some time yet. The hypothesis of a new redefinition of one’s priorities should not be ruled out.

# 2 Save more money in the emergency fund

Even in good times, it is a good idea to have an emergency fund. Today obviously it becomes an even greater need because there is uncertainty.

If you have kept your income or have not suffered a drastic decline. You should continue to accumulate money, maybe even more extra money if you can.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself in a situation of need then it is perhaps the right time to put your emergency fund into action instead of getting into debt.

# 3 Work on your work Plan B

Stay in touch with your employer and colleagues if you are at home on layoffs.

If, on the other hand, you are employed but you sense uncertainty about the future of your business, try to understand where your sector is going. If and how you can look for a new job in case the situation changes.

What is certain today is that many companies will close. Reduce staff or completely change their business.

Be prepared for this scenario and try to be active as there will be no public aid to hold if things turn badly.

The same is true if you are a freelancer, a VAT number or if you have a service company: if you can’t work, work on Plan B anyway.

Today we live in what on My Business we call the “age of complexity” and however it goes it is clear that a greater commitment on our part will be needed to reprogram our life on an individual level.

Tips for investing have been excluded from this article because a world opens up: the investment section, on this point, can be valid support.

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Tips for opening a food business

A food business or restaurant is always a good business idea, no matter if they are times of crisis or bonanza, they always have an audience because hunger and the need to socialize through gastronomy is a basic human need. The ideal is to develop the business in an orderly and planned way in order to grow.

Food business and planning

Like any venture, a food business needs prior planning or a business plan which should especially focus on the following points: the type of customer the food business is aimed at, the location, the financial plan, and the requirements.

Planning a food business is important to evaluate and fine-tune your proposal, to have a full idea of how much you are going to invest and in how long you should have a return on your investment and the most important thing is that you will be able to develop in an orderly manner your food business without the inconveniences that often damage an enterprise of this type.

The food business and its customers

It is important to know what type of customers you are going to serve in your future food business. It is important to determine a profile with the age range, socioeconomic position, gastronomic preferences, lifestyle, among other indicators.

According to the client’s profile, we can define the type of food and drinks that you are going to offer, you can also define the location of your premises, the decoration, and the marketing strategy

The location of the food business

As we have already pointed out, the type of client will determine the area where we are going to operate. However, you should also worry if the area you have chosen has a permit for the operation of food businesses or the corresponding zoning. Many entrepreneurs in Peru, first rent a place and later realize that the area does not have the proper permits.

Financial planning

A financial plan covers all the expenses and investments that you are going to develop for your business. You must take into account in this plan the cost of kitchenware and crockery, furniture, number of workers, salaries, implements, and kitchen machines such as freezers, tables, kitchens, and others.

This very well-done document can help you get a bank loan or it can be a good information tool for potential partners and investors.

In the financial plan, we must also indicate how we are going to finance the business. That is if it is with your own money, loans, or participation of partners. In addition, projections of profits and possible losses should be included.

Requirements and procedures

In the municipality where your premises will operate, you must find out if the street, avenue, or strip where you have rented your premises has the zoning for a gastronomic business. In addition, you must request the operating license in the corresponding municipality. You must also have a certificate from Civil Defense and from the General Directorate of Environmental Health

If you have any questions or suggestions in this regard, leave a comment below and help with the brainstorming. Do not forget to share the article with your followers on social networks.

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How to start a jewelry business store?

If you are passionate about jewelry and want to invest in a new business, you probably wonder how to start a jewelry business. This guide will show you everything you need to know on the subject by analyzing costs, opening methods, bureaucratic requirements and advantages.

Even if you have no experience with precious stones but still have a considerable entrepreneurial spirit, it can be very useful to know how to open a jewelry store. Gold and silver are not devalued in times of crisis. On the contrary, they tend to increase their value. You can also dedicate yourself to a type of artisan or vintage jewelry to distinguish yourself from the competition and offer a “plus” to your customers.

How to start a jewelry business: the type to choose

The choice of the type of jewelry will affect costs and earnings and the target audience. If you aim at high jewelry, you target a niche audience willing to spend a lot of money to buy luxury goods.

If you produce your jewelry, you can dedicate yourself to the creation of handcrafted and personalized jewels that will have a cost and a greater value determined by the manual processing of the piece.

To offer an innovative service, you can open precious vintage jewelry, which will have value deriving from the materials and history behind them.

Finally, to embrace a broader target audience, you can open an inexpensive jewelry store where you can sell gold, silver, and costume jewelry products. In this case, you will have to focus on the quantity of the sale more than on quality.

The importance of the business plan and the location

Knowing how to draw up a business plan is essential to open any business, especially a jewelry store with high costs. It is a valid tool for planning expenses, analyzing competition, evaluating revenue, etc.

Another very important choice is that of the location, which must guarantee maximum visibility. Shopping centers, city centers, pedestrian areas, and general places that guarantee a continuous influx of people are perfect. The points of sale do not have to be very large, as long as there is sufficient exhibition space to enhance your goods in the right way.

How much does it cost to open a jewelry store?

Opening a jewelry store costs between 200,000 and 500,000 euros. It all depends on very variable factors. First of all, you must equip yourself with an effective security system to protect the precious and a valid lighting system to highlight the jewels.

You must then proceed with the shop’s furnishing, including the counter, display cases, furnishings, etc. and then other useful items such as envelopes, gift boxes, business cards, etc. Of course, the purchase of jewelry, watches, rings, necklaces, etc. Initially, I recommend that you buy a few pieces to not make an excessive investment and then increase the quantity when your business is launched.

As for a jewelry store’s management costs, you have to meet the following costs: rent of the premises; energy costs and utilities; insurance; salaries of employees and employees. Consider some incidental or unexpected expenses such as consulting an accountant, restyling the shop, replacing display cases and accessories in the shop, etc.

How to open a jewelry franchise?

To cut costs, you can open a jewelry franchise, thus taking advantage of the parent company’s name and know-how. Generally, the franchising company’s rental and personnel costs are borne, but this depends on the brand and contract type.

In addition to counting on an already established brand, you can get the exclusivity of the area and rely on the parent company for promotional materials, window dressing, furnishings, etc. You also have an exclusive channel for the supply of goods at your disposal, thus giving uniqueness and originality to your store.

How to open an online jewelry store?

Another great idea is to open an online jewelry store to cut costs related to the physical point of sale.

If you decide to open jewelry e-commerce, you can only sell new items, as the law prohibits the online sale of used jewelry.

First of all, you must possess a company with a VAT number and SCIA to be submitted electronically. Then you must register your business in the Business Register of the Chamber of Commerce and ask for an activity license at the police station.

Even if you don’t have a physical shop, you still need to have a place to keep your precious objects equipped with special security systems, gates, cameras, alarms and everything you need to keep them safe. As with physical jewelers, it is necessary to take insurance to protect your business and your valuables.

Generating online sales

The UK’s e-commerce market is back to posting double-digit growth after several months of a less stellar performance from online retail outlets.

In fact, the ONS revealed that sales were up by 13.1 percent in April 2015 when compared to the same period last year, primarily as a result of smartphone and tablet use helping to bolster e-commerce activities nationwide.

There are, of course, differences between performance levels depending on the type of products that are being sold, with fashion and clothing doing better than groceries, for example. But even with small discrepancies and seasonal shifts, there are a few things that businesses of all sizes can do to generate increased online sales.

Improve your SEO

Gaining a good position for your site on search engine results pages is inescapably important, yet can seem like a daunting task given the regular updates to the algorithms that govern ranking.

The best way to capitalize on SEO at the moment is to focus on mobile optimization since this is now taken into account when pages are ranked following a mobile search. And almost half of the world’s biggest companies are still flagging when it comes to mobile-friendliness, which is why start-ups and emerging rivals can leapfrog them with just a few minor tweaks.

SEO is still essentially reliant on filling a site with the relevant, interesting, and original copy, so remember not to neglect this area even as you pursue a mobile-focused update.

Run a PPC campaign

SEO will only get you so far and is something that established sites can benefit from most, so paid search ads are worth harnessing if you want to increase the profile of your budding brand and generate those first clicks and conversions.

If you do not have experience of utilizing PPC and platforms like Google AdWords in the past, then it is a good idea to consult with a third party to make sure you get this right and avoid wasting money.

Contacting a London AdWords consultant company is a good starting point and will allow you to navigate this similarly fluid, evolving medium, which as with organic SEO is now increasingly influenced by mobile.

Embrace social media

Social media presents the perfect opportunity not only for businesses to promote products and services and provide links to the places where people can purchase them, but also to engage customers in a proactive manner and get involved with the conversations that are being had about what they offer.

Facebook and Twitter presences should be a well-understood basic requirement at this point, but if you are looking for increased engagement with an audience then multimedia platforms like Instagram and Vine are also worth adding to your arsenal.

People are easily captivated by images and videos, whereas text alone is less likely to grab and retain their attention. So if you want to boost traffic and send sales skyrocketing, you cannot ignore the potential of social media.

5 Useful and Effective Email Marketing Tips for Startups

When it comes to promoting your business, nothing is as powerful and direct as mobile email marketing. These days, our email is as close to us as our house keys. Just imagine your business being that close too. Indeed, by creating an email marketing campaign, you can have a direct channel to market your product or services. Not only will this boost revenue, but it will also boost brand recognition. Plus, if we keep our email that close to us, just imagine how many more people will see a single email if it seems relevant enough to forward to friends. And what if there was an incentive to send it to friends?

Here are five useful and effective email marketing tips for startups.

Blow them away with the subject line.

Just like an advertisement uses a tagline to draw customers in, you have to use an amazing subject line to get people to open a particular email. When it comes down to it, most getting dozens of promotional emails a day. Some of those emails are automatically categorized in a promotional folder, so half or more of them don’t even get read. So, you need to be that one email that stands out, which is why your subject line is so critical.

Pictures say a thousand words without saying anything at all.

When you open an email that has a lot of text – what is your first response? – Usually, you’ll close the email and tell yourself that you’ll read it later. All of a sudden, the day goes by and you haven’t even looked at the email – you may never get around to reading it at all. This is why your email marketing campaign must be picture heavy. You want to say as much as you can with a single photograph.

Create a hierarchy of text.

In an email, you want to find a way to highlight the important stuff without making it seem obvious. This is why you want to create a hierarchy. At the top, you want to showcase the most important information. The secondary information can go in the middle. And the tertiary information should go at the bottom. The reason why you want to do this is that you want the most critical information to jump out at the reader.

Use an intuitive platform for your email marketing campaign.

You don’t want to use just any email marketing company for your campaign, you want to use a platform that will really get the message out there. For instance, Blue Hornet Email Marketing Services offers many tools to send out your campaign intuitively and effectively. Not only do you want people to open the email, but you also want them to click on the information.

Offer the incentive to share the email.

Not only do you want to have buttons where people can share the email on social media – but you also want to offer some kind of incentive for sharing the email with friends. The best way to do this is with discounts or some kind of special, limited-time offer. In the end, if you can get more life out of one email, it will be well worth it to hand out discounts.