You have probably noticed that in the last few years alone, the world has become more globalized and diverse. You may have also noticed that diversity is not something that we have to come to terms with - it is something we should embrace. We are all human, but each of us comes from a completely different background - with completely different cultural norms and ideas. Because of this, diversity can add a whole new layer of understanding to the way we live our lives - it can make us better humans. This sentiment is especially important in the workforce and it is the reason why diversity in business is so imperative.
No workplace big or small is safe from workplace accidents. The only thing is that a bigger business may have the capacity to take the costs that go towards medical bills and other expenses, like legal fees - while most small businesses don't. One workplace injury and it could cause a small business to go completely under. If your small business operates a workshop or a warehouse - anywhere that has dangerous conditions or requires the operation of power tools - preventing and reducing workplace injuries and accidents are even more important. Not only is it important for the sake of your business, but also for the health and wellbeing of your business.
When it comes to your business operations, you may start out with fairly simple processes. But over time, the way you conduct your business can become more complex as your company grows, as you introduce new programs and procedures, and as employees develop their own ways of getting the job done. Unfortunately, this can have a negative impact on your productivity, turning once-simple tasks into monumental hurdles. And the worst part is that very little of the work being done might be necessary to ongoing operations. For this reason it is imperative that you perform an audit and figure out where time is being wasted, as well as how to best create the targeted practices that ensure work is completed in an effective and efficient manner.
You might have heard Foursquare mentioned in conversation and assumed it was just another social network. However, it's a location-based system that allows users to ‘check-in’ to businesses from their mobile phone could benefit the savvy small business.
Home business opportunities have blossomed of late owing to the great advances that have been realized in internet technology. The wide range of modern communication equipment in existence has also contributed widely to the success of many businesses.
You might have caught it on the news or in the paper but on Tuesday, for the first time in Parliament, MPs held a debate on unpaid internships. The issue had ever been voted on before, but MPs divided 181-19 in favour of an end unpaid internships. This was a huge victory and very exciting for the campaign!
Internships are an increasingly common entry-level path into a wide range of industries. Here, we would like to offer you what we deem as a minimum standard that businesses should legally and morally hold themselves to when taking on interns.
MPs love to talk about social mobility. All of the three main parties claim they want to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds get the jobs they deserve. If only they practised what they preached. Too many Members of Parliament advertise for unpaid internships. They are unfair and may well be illegal.
STATEMENT FROM DODS/POLITICSHOME A spokesman for Dods has issued the following statement: “PoliticsHome takes extremely seriously the defamatory allegations made by Intern Aware. We do not break the law with our intern policy, nor do we treat them unfairly in any way.