Westminster school intern auction

Westminster school intern auction

Intern Aware

373-377 Clapham Road

London SW9 9BT

C/O Westminster School
Westminster School
Little Dean’s Yard
London SW1P 3PF

Dear Coutts & Co Private Banking;  Mary Portas;  Amanda Wakeley; Maks Consultancy Limited; Denton Corker Marshall Architects; Fabergé Limited; Park Square Capital LLP; Barbara Weiss Architects; AGC Equity Partners; Officina Coppola; Sanford Bernstein LLC; Left Bank Pictures; Lumina Real Estate Capital; Simon Lee Gallery and Longbridge Recruitment.

We are writing to you regarding your position as ‘lots’ for Westminster School’s auction for unpaid internships.

Across the UK there are almost one million young people unemployed. Many have worked hard and secured a good education, only to find that the jobs market demands lengthy periods of work experience, without which they cannot find a job.

Many young people dream of a career in such industries as fashion, media, law and finance, but are often frozen out of these opportunities because of their background. But by offering opportunities solely on the basis of the wealth, you are explicitly favouring privilege, and excluding the vast majority of young people who don’t have the financial support or family connections that those at Westminster School already have.

We urge you to end your participation with the Westminster School unpaid internship auction. In recent polling, almost four-fifths of young people said they would be unable to afford to do an unpaid internship in London – and making people pay for experience is even more exclusive. We call on you to offer paid internships instead, with recruitment based on talent alone.

Yours sincerely,

Intern Aware


Rachel Reeves MP
Hazel Blears MP
Luciana Berger MP
Julian Huppert MP
Gemma Doyle MP
Mike Crockart MP
John Hemming MP
Roland Dunn
Jennifer Fogg
Emily Doyle
Megan O’Kane
Jonny Medland
Andrew Colley
Peter Domican
Margaret Redpath
Wendy Hibbs
Josephine Suherman
Simon Kane
Matthew S. Dent
Imelda Finnerty
Cllr Mark Williams
Tom Davies
Pete Morrison
Sue Fewster
John Wadsworth
Thom Holland

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