Tips for opening a food business

opening a food business

Tips for opening a food business

A food business or restaurant is always a good business idea, no matter if they are times of crisis or bonanza, they always have an audience because hunger and the need to socialize through gastronomy is a basic human need. The ideal is to develop the business in an orderly and planned way in order to grow.

Food business and planning

Like any venture, a food business needs prior planning or a business plan which should especially focus on the following points: the type of customer the food business is aimed at, the location, the financial plan, and the requirements.

Planning a food business is important to evaluate and fine-tune your proposal, to have a full idea of how much you are going to invest and in how long you should have a return on your investment and the most important thing is that you will be able to develop in an orderly manner your food business without the inconveniences that often damage an enterprise of this type.

The food business and its customers

It is important to know what type of customers you are going to serve in your future food business. It is important to determine a profile with the age range, socioeconomic position, gastronomic preferences, lifestyle, among other indicators.

According to the client’s profile, we can define the type of food and drinks that you are going to offer, you can also define the location of your premises, the decoration, and the marketing strategy

The location of the food business

As we have already pointed out, the type of client will determine the area where we are going to operate. However, you should also worry if the area you have chosen has a permit for the operation of food businesses or the corresponding zoning. Many entrepreneurs in Peru, first rent a place and later realize that the area does not have the proper permits.

Financial planning

A financial plan covers all the expenses and investments that you are going to develop for your business. You must take into account in this plan the cost of kitchenware and crockery, furniture, number of workers, salaries, implements, and kitchen machines such as freezers, tables, kitchens, and others.

This very well-done document can help you get a bank loan or it can be a good information tool for potential partners and investors.

In the financial plan, we must also indicate how we are going to finance the business. That is if it is with your own money, loans, or participation of partners. In addition, projections of profits and possible losses should be included.

Requirements and procedures

In the municipality where your premises will operate, you must find out if the street, avenue, or strip where you have rented your premises has the zoning for a gastronomic business. In addition, you must request the operating license in the corresponding municipality. You must also have a certificate from Civil Defense and from the General Directorate of Environmental Health

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