Ten business ideas to start now

business ideas to start

Ten business ideas to start now

There are a few ideas to inspire you

Help Manage Business Tax Digital

Amazing business ideas, paying taxes represent a headache for most entrepreneurs. Not only with regard to disbursement, but also with regard to meeting the deadlines according to the established calendar and their calculation. Any solution that facilitates this path could be well received, especially if the procedures are simplified as much as possible.

An example is Quadernosolution, a digital platform for the management of digital business taxes that helps you issue invoices with the automatic calculation of VAT that you have to apply anywhere in the world. In addition, and according to themselves, with all the tax information collected with Quaderno, the completion of the tax forms is a matter of minutes, not hours.

Quality Homemade Food At Home

You can either set up the business on your own or sell the product to one of the thousands of ghost kitchens that already operate in Spain or offer it to any other restaurant establishment. The key to success is that it be healthy, rich, and well-cooked food is served at home with the same efficiency as fast food.

A Hair Clinic

In Spain alone, the market for hair clinics moved a figure of 250M euros in 2020. It is true that the national offer is growing at a very fast rate. But there are still opportunities to open new clinics. Especially if one takes into account the objective that the national sector has set itself to snatch the prominence of hair tourism from Turkey. The market is huge if one takes into consideration that around 50% of the population has hair loss problems and that a large part of this group is willing to pay for a solution. In addition, according to Google trends, one of the questions that Spaniards asked the search engines the most last year was why does hair fall out?

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Online Training

It is a segment that does not stop growing and does so in all specialties. And for all ages, from reinforcement classes within regulated education to training for investors or embroidery. The challenge here is to gain the trust of the knowledgeable client of the presence of a lot of vendehúmo who is dedicated to teaching something that the teacher himself does not practice.

Online Language Teaching

Learning a second language continues to be among the eternal pending subjects of Spaniards, so any solution that helps to close this gap in a really effective way seems to have guarantees of success. Solutions such as those of Lingokids or Wannalisn are striving for this.

Privacy In The Network

Users are increasingly bothered by the fact that. After conducting an internet search, they are inundated with advertising related to that search for days. Now they want to control their data and any solution that guarantees their privacy. And does not take advantage of it has a good chance of success. A success story is represented, for example, the internet, a Spanish startup that is trying to end Google’s monopoly with a file storage service in the cloud-focused on user privacy.

And If You Exploit Their Data, Pay

It is one of the proposals that gain more weight in the market. In it, companies likeKubikdatafind their opportunity where they say they want to change the rules of the game in the online advertising market. For this, they have designed an application that allows all interested parties to receive advertising and charge for their consumption.

Support For Female Entrepreneurship

Supporting women entrepreneurs have become fashionable. Not only because it is urgent to end a gap that leads to the wastage of 50% of entrepreneurial talent. Consistent with this purpose, public institutions such asEnisa have opened a new line of financing aimed only at promoting female digital entrepreneurship.

Emotional Well-Being Applications

Taking care of emotional health is nothing new. But the pandemic has triggered greater interest in monitoring mental balance and knowing how to manage moments of crisis. This results in the growing consumption of applications that help guide meditation or train in relaxation exercises. Braintapis one of them where they promise to restore the natural balance of the brain. To feel relaxed and revitalized anytime, anywhere. Among those preferred by entrepreneurs, Headspace also stands out. With hundreds of guided meditations, sounds for sleep, and music for concentration, among others.

Of Course, The Metaverse

We understand by Metaverso the virtualization of physical spaces of all kinds, from work offices to music concert halls. Following this trend, business ideas such asMusichooh appear where they offer musical experiences at another level. But there are also brands that invest in providing metaverse experiences. Such as Nike and its blockchain-based shoes with which users can run in the form of an avatar.

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