Small business ideas with little money or free

Small business ideas

Small business ideas with little money or free

Are you looking for business ideas to start with little money or for free? You came to the right place!

Today, many people around the world are looking for business ideas that they can start without investing so much.

The reasons for looking for business ideas are varied: to supplement their income, to leave traditional jobs and start their own business, or because many people lost their jobs after the pandemic.

No matter the reason, fortunately, today more than ever it is easy to find business ideas that you can start investing little money or even for free.

In some of these options, you will be able to work from home, for others you will only require computer equipment and others require certain specialized skills and certifications.

And if after reading these business ideas you have other proposals, start putting them on paper to work on them! You never know when, no matter how crazy it may seem, an idea can turn into a big business.

Here we share 80 business ideas that you can start with very low investments and some others for free.

Screen Printing

Business ideas to start with little money

If your thing is to decorate t-shirts, cups, and other objects, this is one of the business ideas that does not require a large investment and can be a good way to earn money.

You can offer your items to companies or individuals who would like to have items with the printed image of their favorite sports team or their favorite artist.


Are you an expert in some areas and love helping people overcome their limitations and develop their talents? So this is another profitable business that you could do without a big investment.

You can charge according to the needs of each person and in addition to generating more income, it is a business that can be very rewarding both for you and for the people you advise.

Subscription Content Creation

If you have a lot of knowledge about a topic and you love to share it, you can generate special content for an audience that is willing to pay for it.

It is a job that requires a little more time but it is a good option to earn money.

Transcription Of Texts

If you are a mother or a housewife, this is one of the business ideas that could be ideal for you, you can do it from wherever you are and it does not require much training to start working.

This job requires all your concentration. Transcription assignments are typically daily and the load may vary from day to day unless you work for a specific company instead of freelancing.


If you love to make desserts, you can sell them under online orders. It is one of the business ideas with which you can earn extra money by selling these products among your neighbors or acquaintances or placing orders for events, birthdays, weddings, etc.

Your earnings will depend on the type of desserts you sell, the quantity, and the frequency of orders.

Menu Planning

There are many people and even restaurants that require the services of an external consultant to help them add variety and quality to their menus. It is one of the business ideas that do not require a large investment and that can be one of the most interesting. It is a plus if you are a specialist in gastronomy or nutrition.

Create A Podcast

If you are passionate about telling stories in which voice and sound are the protagonists, this is another business idea that you can start without a high investment if you already have the recording equipment.

You can create your own channel or sell your podcast proposals to companies or media outlets and thus make a profit.

Home Cleaning

When realtors or a home seller delivers, most newcomers would expect to arrive at a clean home where, after the exhaustion of moving, they don’t have to worry about cleaning.

So here you have another business opportunity that does not require a high investment: you can offer your services to real estate agents or construction companies, in which you clean the properties that they are going to deliver.

Sale Of Handicrafts

The sale of crafts and items that you make yourself and that could have a unique design, can be one of the best business ideas that you can start with little investment. You can sell them at home, in a local bazaar, or through e-commerce.

Language Teaching

Do you master one or more languages? You can give classes to those who want to learn to communicate in other languages.

It is a way to earn money online that is usually well paid, you can charge per session or per hour of class.

You can offer your services independently or on one of the platforms that specialize in language teaching.

Bicycle Repair

If you live in a city where most people use bicycles for transportation, you can make a great income from this business. It can even be a service that you offer only on Saturdays or Sundays in the right location, and you can also bring together a community of cycling lovers.

Shipping Stuff

If one of your neighbors needs to receive or send something at a close distance, but due to lack of time or transportation, you could offer your services such as sending, receiving, or picking up things at certain points and thus earn money. You can use your car, motorcycle, bicycle, and even on foot, when conditions allow, to perform this type of service.

Answer Online Surveys

Although it is not a business as such and you may not earn exorbitant amounts of money, it can help you accumulate some coins and does not require any investment, you only need your smartphone or computer.

Answering surveys for companies do not take more than 15 minutes in most cases, so you can provide this service for companies that require it or from platforms focused on this type of activity.

Pet Sitting

If you are a fan of animals and have the patience and knowledge to take care of pets, then this may be one of the business ideas that you can take advantage of and that does not require investment.

You could even make quick money in your spare time with this job, to supplement your income if you already have a job.

Among your tasks would be taking care of pets when their owners are not at home, taking them for a walk, carrying out the corresponding cleaning tasks such as bathing them and collecting their waste, as well as taking them to the veterinarian when necessary and administering medications or care indicated by these professionals. before some problem.

The number of tasks will vary according to the needs of each person and pet, but keep in mind that it is a business that implies high responsibility and emotional well-being.

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