Politics home intern

Politics home intern


A spokesman for Dods has issued the following statement:

“PoliticsHome takes extremely seriously the defamatory allegations made by Intern Aware. We do not break the law with our intern policy, nor do we treat them unfairly in any way.

All interns at PoliticsHome are with us on an explicitly voluntary basis and are categorically not there to substitute for paid staff.

We take on interns with an aptitude for journalism and interest in politics, often giving many of them a chance to gain something for their CV to help them break into a profession that is notoriously difficult to access, particularly given the declining number of jobs in print journalism.

Our interns are with us to learn and gain useful experience which will help them get a job – as many of them go on to do. We are proud that many of our previous interns at PoliticsHome have been taken on as members of staff (six of our nine-strong, expanding news team are former interns) and have also moved on to other jobs in the media and political research posts and further journalistic training.”

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