How To Combine Suit Socks

Combine Suit Socks

How To Combine Suit Socks

When wearing a suit the last thought was on socks. As it is one of the least visible pieces of a look, it was common not to pay too much attention to it, but things change and now, even the smallest detail counts. Visit our partner site to know the latest fashion

Each of the items in an outfit, and especially when it comes to an elegant look with a suit, must be thought through and taken care of, from the tie, bow tie, cufflinks, shirt, and even the suit itself. Socks are also part of the outfit and can add a touch of elegance or fun, depending on how you wear it. Keep Reading Royal blue dress shoes.

If you have no idea how to combine a suit with socks, don’t worry, we will tell you all the details below.

Combine the socks according to the color of the suit

The suit is without a doubt the most important part of an elegant look. From this garment will start to choose the rest. That is why its color can help us determine the colors of the other elements. To give you an idea, we leave you the colors of socks that you can use with the most common suit colors.

Black suit

Black suits are classic, quite elegant and on their own have a touch of formality. That is why we will try to maintain this formality with neutral, sober combinations that do not clash, which is why the ideal colors are:


Gray is a neutral and basic tone that goes very well with black. You can choose any shade of gray, just keep in mind that the other elements of the look can finish the shade. But you have the option of using a gunmetal gray or a light gray and it will do just fine.


Black with black will always look great. If the outfit is already dressy, adding some black socks will help make it look that much more dressy. And if you wear black shoes it will look much better because everything is combined perfectly in a monochromatic look.

Grey suit

The gray color is quite sober and can sometimes be thought of as basic. But basic, at least in this case, is not synonymous with boring, but with elegance . This is not a color to attract attention, but it is to look good on you. For this reason, we recommend that you combine it with:


When you want to create a sophisticated look with gray, sometimes there is no possibility of adding too much color because in the most elegant contexts it is best to use a neutral palette. But if you have a light or medium gray suit you can include some not too bright turquoise socks and it will look great.


Not just any blue will work to match a gray suit. There are many colors of blue, but the ideal will be navy blue. This is also a basic color, it can be used with almost any color of grey, but we recommend the lighter ones.


Ok, we have already seen this in the options to combine black suits with black socks. But we will be seeing this monochrome combination constantly. You can wear gray socks the same shade as the suit or a little lighter or darker and it will look great.

Navy blue

The navy blue suits are really beautiful. This is an elegant color, but one that is not usually used too much at night. You will rarely see a person at a black-tie dinner in a blue suit. The most common places to wear this type of suit are at work, so it allows greater comfort and you can play with color, so you can use socks:


Just like in the example above, there is the option to add some color. With a blue suit you already have a little more fun, but it is still classic, so you can use red to give it a touch of personality. As for red, there are also many shades, look for socks that are not so bright, maybe ones that are more burgundy will look good.

Navy blue

I told you, this is the third time we see the monochrome combination present and it is one of the best options. A good alternative, to keep your look more elegant, is with navy blue socks, you can use ones in a different tone than the suit , but it will still be elegant.


Brown is another neutral color and one that works well with navy blue. Look for a not-so-dark brown to make a good contrast. Combine this with shoes that are not brown, some black ones could look good.

Can I wear colored or patterned socks?

Of course, you can!. Colorful and patterned socks have become very fashionable in recent years and we see them more and more. The truth is that they have a lot of styles and can give a lot of personality to the looks, now that it is a trend to dress elegant, but with a disruptive touch.

But you must keep in mind that these types of socks are not for everyone or for all kinds of events. If you are someone who likes to have fun with fashion and the way you dress, it is a good option. But if not, we recommend you stick to the classic as we have shown you before.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can’t always wear socks with prints or bright colors. These types of socks are used for semi-formal or casual occasions. You will never be able to wear one of these socks with a suit if there is a dress code or if the wedding, communion ( how to dress for a communion ), or event is organized by people who are very traditional and you are going to be out of tune.

These types of socks can be very quirky and even if you feel good, you may end up as the clown of the party. It’s not about attracting attention, it’s not your event.

Bonus: suit without socks

Yes, it is no longer a fashion that is worn only in casual day-to-day outfits, it has already reached the formal world and specifically suits. There are thousands of examples that you can see on Instagram and other social networks that can inspire you if you want to go further and risk a little more.

Tips for combining socks with a suit

No, you can choose color ranges within the same palette. If you choose to use socks of the same color as the pants of the suit you are wearing, you will always be right, especially if the suit is grey, black or dark blue. Making this combination will visually create homogeneity throughout the look . Thus, your socks will look like the continuation of the pants and will make you look elegant and sober.

Can socks be combined with shoes?

Yes, this is one of the most common alternatives. In general, black shoes are usually used with almost all colors of suits because they look good. If, for example, you can’t find blue socks that match the blue suit, you can wear black ones like the ones with the shoes and it will look good.

What do I do if I can’t find socks in the exact color of my suit?

Making the exact combination between the color of a suit and socks is not an easy task. But don’t worry, the combination doesn’t have to be perfect. You can opt for socks that are a shade darker than the suit pants and it will look good too.

What colors of socks go best with light suits?

It is not so common to use very light suits such as beige, which is why we have not included it before. But in these cases, it is best to use socks that are darker than the pants, such as light or dark brown but with light shoes, which are honey. This will create a good contrast between the pants, socks, and shoes.

What type of socks should never be worn with a suit?

A suit is typically elegant. In fact, even when a suit is paired with colorful socks, it’s still stylish. You could even wear a red suit and it would be elegant, which is why the socks should be in the same line.

There are many materials, lengths, and styles of socks that can be worn with suits, so you have plenty to choose from. For this reason, you can never use sports socks with suits, this looks very bad, it does not add any style and it will look sloppy.


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