How good is a stationary bike for exercise?

How good is a stationary bike for exercise

How good is a stationary bike for exercise?

The general fitness of people has been on the decline for quite some time now. Some people move about and work out to stay healthy, but for others, it is a hobby – a hobby that is no longer favoured as it was in the old days. For all those who are looking to keep themselves fit and build up their strength, look no further than best stationary bike stand. The best exercise tool ever! Here is a detailed list of benefits that come with stationary bikes.

How good is a stationary bike for exercise?

How good is a stationary bike for exercise

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There are many benefits to be had when using stationary bikes for exercise. Some of these include:

They are portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go. 

They offer a high level of resistance, which is perfect if you want to work up a sweat. 

In addition, they also provide great cardio workouts – perfect if your goal is to improve your overall fitness level! These stationary bikes are also much easier to fold, so these machines can be stored when they are not in use. Keep reading

Since it is a more primitive machine, the amount of impact you receive when using your bike outweighs that which would be experienced on an elliptical or stepper, even though its effect remains similar. While cardio burning and cycling might do nothing for particular weights or muscle tone, the high intensity level created by the majority of stationary cycles proves otherwise.

They are also great for workouts of a group nature, so you can easily fit exercise into any period that is convenient for everyone involved – this could be during lunch breaks or before and after work!

The fact the machine tends to operate more efficiently than other cardio substitutes ensures it gives off less carbon dioxide (CO2) compared with running outdoors, causing lungs to breathe easier. The average person may get around 200 mg/kg body mass during a 30-minute period of cycling at 50 per cent exertion.

In terms of cardio benefits, stationary exercise bikes offer the following: They are suitable for people who may have mobility issues or injuries – as well as those who simply don’t wish to risk any potential pain associated with conventional training methods. Those suffering from any medical conditions should consult their physician prior to using such devices. They help you work on your coordination and overall balance.

Hard as it is to comprehend, a stationary bike can actually increase your overall metabolism. A 35-year study showed that individuals who took part in rigorous exercise programs for at least one year of their lives had increased daytime oxygen consumption and decreased nighttime oxygen consumption than those who did not engage in any kind of exercise whatsoever! This was measured using indirect calorimetry – an apparatus that measures human energy expenditure by monitoring the amount of heat generated within the body while a person is at rest and working on different projects.

The Great Benefits of a Stationary Bike Workout

With all of the above in mind, it is no wonder people are on their stationary bikes left and right these days. People may complain about gym memberships or diets to lose weight but most never have any idea how making a little extra effort – like training with a machine, in just ten minutes daily proved almost as useful!

The Workout 

Most stationary bike exercisers benefit greatly from interval training using their equipment. A workout on your bike will never offer the same kind of cardiovascular benefits as racewalking, running or other methods, but it’s fun and easy while still hitting major muscle groups – if you want to lose fat too! You can do this by rotating through three different intervals:

30-second high intensity – Propel yourself for 30 seconds at the highest resistance possible. The highest intensity is marked by intense breathing and controlled panting while also giving your body maximum oxygen utilization.

5-minute low/high intensity – Follow this with a 5-minute recovery ride on the lowest resistance setting you can manage at a higher speed than if you were riding faster. Rest for 45 seconds before repeating again below! You will likely find yourself breaking into spurts of high gear work during those intervals that make it difficult to ride in a relaxed manner.

45-second low/high intensity – Swing through the same interval counterclockwise two more times before resting for 45 seconds again, then taking you to your final high gear segment right at the end of this section. Make up for all those explosive efforts by dropping back down into an easy recovery ride mode during that last 5 minutes! Sounds like prison?? Hey, it is if done well and over time will work fairly unilaterally to burn fat and strengthen the abs – making you a lean athlete with a nice muscular tone.


It may be obvious, but the best way to go uphill is by pedaling backward. The harder you pedal up against any hill, the faster it will carry you down! If your mountain bike has ‘backward’ movements, then reserve that time for races as it’s better suited there (as downhill doesn’t accelerate one’s body nearly as fast). Otherwise, try to use your ‘120’ pedal position when pedaling uphill and turn around to face the opposite direction. Just be careful that you’re not putting too much stress on your knees going downhill. Otherwise, limit ramping down.

Using Your Arms To Ride 

By The Rules Good hill riders try their very hardest in every race they enter, both as competitors but also as examples for everyone else who may see them out there pumping away! As such, nobody makes absurd out-of-hand efforts in their races and so you’ll start to see the slowest riders who aren’t by any means elite ride much faster than other cyclists on flat ground. This is because everyone puts effort into every single pedal stroke (as opposed to coasting) and thus creates a continually increasing workload balancing out fatigue. 


If you are looking for a workout, try out the stationary bike. You can burn up to 600 calories per hour on a stationary bike and it can help you lose weight. A stationary bike is also good for your cardiovascular health and helps in burning fat. The best thing about the stationary bike is that it helps you lose weight without spending too much time at the gym or running on the treadmill.

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