Easy Guideline to Measure Bicycle Frame Size

Measure Bicycle Frame Size

Easy Guideline to Measure Bicycle Frame Size

Today, I’m going to take you through how to measure up a bike frame and it’s a simple process and really simple and quick process.

Here in this article, it might sound as if I’m stating the obvious, but that is on purpose. I want to make sure everyone is on exactly the same. So, to measure up a bike frame, we’re going to need three things.

Basic Thing to Know

Ideally, this is going to help us better compare to other bikes of the same size to let ourselves know what we’re getting ourselves into.

So, three things we’re going to look at today, our head tube length, our top tube length, and our seat tube length and you need to measure perfectly.

These all things really couldn’t be easier. So, you need to start off and we’ve got a bike like this with a nice horizontal top tube.

If you want to learn how to measure a bike it’s so important to know this matter perfectly.

Top Tube

It’s really very easy and It’s literally exactly, as it says on the top and we’re going to measure it and it should these check from one end to the other to see what size they are.

So, starting with the head, we measured from the very top to the very bottom that’s come out about 200 millimeters.

Next, we’re going to measure the main part of our top tube. Now the top tube is measured from the center point of the seat tube. To the center point of the head tube at the front.

So, let’s grab a tape measure and measure that so carefully to line it up, and then this bike is 580 minimum.

The last thing we’re going to look at is our seat tube Now this is going to tell us how much room we have to stand over the bike and how high our saddle might be in comparison to our bottom bracket.

So, to measure this, we measure from the center point of the top tube here on the seat chair, all the way down to the very center of our bottom bracket or the spindle that goes through your frame.

So, on this one, it’s kind of hard to see, but it’s smack bang in the middle here. So again, we’ll grab our tape measure, measure that.

After measuring it’s coming out at 570 millimeters. So, there we have it and we have three different measurements that tell us that this frame is a pretty big frame, but what happens if your top tube isn’t horizontal? You may also like to read Top 5 Mongoose mountain bike 2022.

Seat Tube

Well, I’m going to show you exactly what happens with another right and so I’ve got our other bike right here and I’ve set it up.

So, the wheels are in line with the floor seats effectively sitting on level ground and we can see that our top tube here is not horizontal to the floor.

We have a sloping top tube. So how can we measure this effectively in order to compare it to the other frame? Because with this slant, the tube is actually going to end up being a bit short.

Then we need to measure something called effective top tube and to find that we’re going to need another tool, one of these, a spirit level. Now with your spirit level and we can draw an imaginary horizontal top tube on our bike.

So, after doing this we’re going to start at the very top of the headship here and we are going to measure a horizontal line to the seat tube insects here, and that will be our new imaginary top tube measure.

So, let’s do that right now and then line it up with the center of the top tube, where it joins the head tube level this out.

There is we can see it level with just under the writing on the seat pasting and so this is going to be the mark of where our new effective top tube is.

So, with this information, we can now measure in exactly the same way as we just did the length of our head tube, which is still the same regardless.

Then we are going to measure the length of our effective top tube and the length of our effective seat tube. Hopefully, that’s really clear and you can see by measuring that it’s exactly the same as me.

That on the other bike over there. If you guys have any questions on how to measure bike size, I know I haven’t touched on reach and stack, but that’s kind of hard to measure.

There are some simple ways to do it, but this is a really easy way. Even if you’re in the shot, you can take your tape measure with you, start measuring a couple of different bikes and see how they might fit.

One other tip is all the different bikes you ride and any type of bikes, you like the feel of try and take down the road.


Eventually, you will sort of buildup in that, of what size you’re looking for and what you might like. Thanks for reading our article.

If you have any questions write down it below the comments section or you can visit OutdoorXsports for biking info.

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