BMX Bike Maintenance Pro Guideline

BMX bike maintenance

BMX Bike Maintenance Pro Guideline

Today we’re going to give you a quick rundown of bike maintenance. The first thing we’re going to start off with is a basic one. If you clean your bike, it really makes the bike last a lot longer.


When, like the grime, the dirt builds up, whether it’s steering or paddling if it’s on your chain. If It grinds and wears stuff down and it causes a lot of noise and premature wear.

So if you wash your bike every once in a while, it’ll go a long way and you can spray it off with the hose.

It’s sealed, the bearing doesn’t use a high-pressure washer. Cause you don’t want the water to get into the sealed bearings, but you can rinse it off, dry it off. It should be fine to do that every once in a while.

You aren’t got to do it every day or every week, but you know, keep it somewhat clean and while you’re cleaning it.

Check Damage

Goes to my second point, you want to check the bike for any kind of like cracks or damage, you know, forks tend to crack around this area possible dropouts, or, you know, the frame can crack. These are the cult sect ICV, two forks. They’re pretty tough. This is an idle frame. It’s super strong too, but. Nothing lasts forever.

If you’re a hard rider, you should probably replace this stuff. At least every two years, maybe a year. If you’re a really hard rider, you like to bale a lot and your bike goes bouncing across the park.

If it has a lifetime guarantee or something, it will still break, and eventually, you probably want to replace it before you lose all your teeth or smash your face.

If you are an adult person and want a fresh adult bmx bike you can check the link.

Or it’s not really that big a deal to buy a new 4k once in a while, helps the BMX industry, and makes your bike look fresh, so you don’t look too dated after checking it out.

You don’t find any kind of damage. You probably wouldn’t and go to your tires, tires, lose air over time. You’ll probably lose four or five PSI every week or two, depending on where you’re at.

So you just check them, pump them up to whatever tire pressure you like. Obviously, if you run super-low tire pressure, You can get more pinch flats, you know, you can’t get up those curbs sometimes damage your rim.

If your case there, you want to make sure everything on the bike is tight and I’m not saying like overly tight and you tighten until it smokes and give it a quarter turn, but you just want to make sure and your headsets tight don’t have any play.

If your headset is loose, you want to loosen the sidewalks on the stem and tighten the preload cap. Only until there’s no play and you can kind of feel the bearing.

You don’t want to tighten it so much that slows the steering down on it, but you can feel it’s a reduction in resistance in the steering.

So keep that in mind, if you over-tighten that you can ruin your headset, make sure your bars are tight and also make it sure your crank arm bolts are tight.

They have pinch bolts and if you have like a stock bike or some horrible cranks with pinch bolts, your bike price sounds like an old boat then have pinch bolts.

You can loosen the pinch bolts, take the side, bolt off, slide the arm off, put a little grease on the spindle, slide it back together and tighten it up.

It’ll reduce any creaky noise or anything like that that you have and I’d recommend a pressed 48th blind crank way less maintenance, way stronger way quieter.

Check your wheels. Make sure they’re tight, nothing like a wheel falling off while you’re riding.

They tend to come loose sometimes on the crank car. Just throw a wrench on there, check them, make sure they’re tight.

Lube The Chain

You don’t want that something so stupid as a loose pedal, ruining your session. For chain, you can use TriFlo lubing.

Every once in a while. You just want to put a little bit on your chain. You can even wipe any excess off the chain because you really want the lube to go between the roller and the pin on the chain, which makes it smoother.

If you get it all over the place and just go wild and It just collects dirt and then, you know, the dirt leaves, the premature wear noise, all sorts of stuff.

So put some chain leave on there. It’s a good thing, but don’t go overboard. If you don’t leave your chain, it definitely causes the Sprocket and the rear driver to wear a lot faster.

If you don’t have one, get one they’re light, they’re super durable. You keep your chain loop. They last a long time.

The other thing is if you have breaks, you can also take some chain lube and you can squirt it down into the cable housing. And that’ll probably smooth your brake pull out quite a bit.

If it’s still kind of rough after that, just replace the cables and these cables are fairly inexpensive. Just putting a cable on it and makes your brakes work way better.

Fit the Brake

Another tip to making your brakes work better is generally especially on a lot of stock bikes.

The spring on the break is located over the post right here. And when they come from the factory, they have too much return on the spoke.

The cap to the spring and the spring retainer with a 13-millimeter wrench, generally, sometimes the size of the range varies.

You can reduce that spring tension down and make the break a little easier to pull with less return spring. It still has enough to pull away from the rim, but it’s easier to pull. It makes your brakes work better.

When you put this on your bike right here maybe there is a little too much spring. So you need to took the spring off and stretched it a little bit.

So that it doesn’t quite pull back together as hard. So it kind of reduced the tension on it, put it back on, easier to pull probably cause they have the gyro and it causes a lot of resistance.

We can talk about some wheels, turn on your wheels, and keeping your spokes tight makes your wheels last a lot longer. So, if you have loose spokes or broken spokes then get them fixed and you will last longer.

Basically when you hit the brakes, if there’s dirt or anything on your rim, the brake pad will smell wash that into the rim and that’s where you get the scratches from the rubber brake pad by itself.

Clean will not damage the rim that much over time. So if you keep it clean, it’ll last a lot longer. Keep your spokes tight.


Here we have discussed details of how you can maintain your BMX bikes. When you talk about BMX bike maintenance it’s not so hard task.

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