12 Profitable Business Trends for the Future in 2021

Profitable Business Trends

12 Profitable Business Trends for the Future in 2021

What will be the most profitable businesses for 2021 and 2022? We analyze business trends to know what the future holds and how to undertake in time. In addition, we link to some business ideas that you can start this year.

The world is changing and advancing at a speed never seen before. So it’s a matter of knowing what will be the next big thing. What will be the most profitable businesses in the nearest future (2021-2022). That is why we are going to try to see by way of predictions, what will be the business trends from 2021.

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Trends for business in 2021.

The Internet of Things

We are clear that the Internet of Things will be an industry that will move billions and that from 2021 it will begin to reach its full potential. We are already witnessing how through connected applications we are making our homes smarter. And this has only just begun.

It is estimated that more than 50 million smart home devices have been purchased in the United States alone. If this industry has not yet taken off as many predicted years ago, it is because these devices are often expensive or difficult to configure. And that is something that is gradually being solved. But there is no doubt that they are within the business trends that sooner or later will take over a large market.

Smart bulbs, door locks that open with our mobile application, or having all control of our home and appliances on our smartphone is now a reality. And Amazon and Google are facilitating change in this industry.

Video And Mobile Are The Future

Business Trends Video And Mobile

Much money spent on television advertising will be diverted to video advertising on mobile. Companies will make large advertising investments to reach users through their mobiles, using both reference social networks such as Instagram and Facebook or YouTube.

Other players will also enter this market niche, which has become one of the most profitable for some companies.

Traditional Television Will Die

Television as we know it will tend to die. YouTube, Amazon, and Netflix will be in charge of killing her, although it is very likely that other new projects and ideas will take over the gap left by television. Even television will increasingly adapt to smartphones.

And this will lead to the emergence of new mobile video business models, primarily around subscriptions.

Film and television studios, along with telecommunications companies, will lead these efforts. The former will produce quality content, and the latter will combine this content in its mobile packages at a fixed price for consumers.

Digital Media Will Seek To Diversify Their Income Beyond Advertising

Google and Facebook continue to dominate the advertising market. In fact, both companies are increasing their advertising revenue year after year. In this sense, digital media companies will turn to the search for new sources of income.

For example, we will see an increase in payment for subscriptions by limiting content for unsubscribed users. The search for revenue through brand licensing, merchandising and new forms of native ads will also grow to increase its revenue models starting in 2021.

Virtual Reality

Although it has stopped talking about virtual reality in recent times, the purchase of Oculus by Facebook and other movements of different companies makes us think that virtual reality will move billions, especially in the industry of video games and probably other surprises that we see.

2021/2022 Will Be The Year Of Autonomous Driverless Cars

Companies like UBER have already made headlines when one of their autonomous cars had a fatal accident. But these types of driverless cars will arrive sooner than we think. What companies are taking powerful steps into driverless cars? The companies that could put these types of autonomous vehicles on our streets on a massive scale are Tesla, Ford, Hyundai, and General Motors.

The Year Of Alibaba

So far, the prices that we can find on Aliexpress are difficult to match by other companies, including Amazon. We always said that the day Alibaba solves the problem of delivery times and makes the leap out of its territory, many companies could start to shake. Well, Alibaba has partnered with a Big Data giant and the company is expected to expand its business internationally. If this happens, the e-commerce market could enter a war where the dominance of Amazon as the king of e-commerce could be put at risk.

The Drone Market

A whole millionaire business has been opened around drones. The Business Intelligence report ensures that drones will begin to have fewer limitations of use. In fact, companies such as Amazon and Correos are testing deliveries through these drones in places that are difficult to access.

Among the businesses and professions with the most future is the drone industry. In fact, knowing how to pilot, program, or repair drones can give you job opportunities starting in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence In Advertising Within Business Trends

In 2018 there has been a considerable increase in brands that have turned to artificial intelligence to improve their efficiency in their advertising strategies on the internet. Using artificial intelligence in marketing can optimize bids in ad auctions by offering personalized content.

Security In Payments And Information

With the large amount of sensitive information we share on the web and with internet payments booming, security will be one of the most important things to solve, and therefore one of the most profitable industries.

So we will continue to see acquisitions of companies that are dedicated to promoting security by corporate giants. Mastercard acquired Brighterion, a software company specializing in

artificial intelligence and security. We are not ruling out seeing more business-to-business partnerships or acquisitions.

Digital Money Management. The Big Player In Business Trends

If we know something today, it is that young people trust Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft much more than they do in a bank. And that is why companies and applications are appearing that are responsible for managing our money better than traditional banking.

Some of these applications are being bought by banks to offer us the possibility of having healthier finances. And controlling our expenses and knowing where our money is going. Starting this year, Fintech companies will definitely take off and will force traditional banking to change or adapt.

And What Will Happen To Cryptocurrencies From 2021

The Business Intelligence report says that cryptocurrencies will take a greater role and that they will have better acceptance. But at this point, as a personal opinion of A. Carlos González, from Negocios1000, I am sorry to disagree. I precisely believe that the opposite will happen.  Because at this time, the price of Cryptos. Especially Bitcoin is showing more and more than far from being a real form of payment. Or storage of value, they are behaving like a real and authentic bubble. That is maintained solely by the hope that someone is going to buy Bitcoin at a higher price than you bought them.

The BlockChain will have incredible and infinite uses. But cryptos, in my opinion, will only serve to squeeze money from deluded investors.  Who thinks they are going to get rich quickly by investing in this product with no intrinsic value and no real utility. But I insist that this point is only my personal opinion.

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